Our vision is a dream of

  • A praying parent; a biological parent, foster parent, a grandparent, a teacher or a pastor with a heart to pray for young people.
  • A local prayer network in a congregation that can grow into a network in a city.
  • A national prayer network where thousands of people pray daily for a new young generation as a promise for a revival in our families, churches and nations.
  • A worldwide mosaic of prayers that allows believers in all nations to experience that prayer connects Christians and is a powerful weapon in the spiritual struggle for our children
  • Young people, knowing that they are loved by God and inspired to follow Jesus.


WakeUp Deborah has the motto Parents on their knees, Children on their feet.

WakeUp Deborah has the aim to inspire women and men from different churches and backgrounds to pray for (their) children, preferably for children they know. We encourage them to be connected to a boy(s) or girl(s) and to build up a personal relationship around the prayer topics. We support them to form groups of intercessors who pray for children in (their) families, streets, schools, churches, Youth for Christ programs, clubs, hospitals, Day Care Centers, refugee camps, prisons etc.

We can support you by prayers, training, a presentation, advice and the book of Faith, prayer & teenagers. Go to FAITH, PRAYER & TEENAGERS >


WakeUp Deborah can be implemented in different ways.

  • They may be parents who decide to pray for their own children and they can talk at home about prayer topics and thanksgiving
  • Members of the congregation can pray for children or teenagers in their own church. They keep contact through the prayer coordinator with the young ones, for example by a prayer box at the Sunday School or church club.
  • A congregation can adopt a Day Care Center or an orphanage and connect the children to intercessors. This relation can be extended with attention to important events in the lives of the children
  • A bible study group in a city can decide to pray for young people in schools, hospitals or for participants in Youth for Christ programs or a camp.

Prayer teams are guided by a prayer coordinator or a couple, who is connected to the movement of WakeUp Deborah.