Wake Up and make a difference! Taking time to pray for a child or teenager that you know can make a world of difference in their lives, whether they are your biological relation or not. Your daily prayer for God’s love, for health, joy and good friends is the best gift you can give them. You will experience great encouragement as a praying parent, as God shows great things in prayer – and think of the positive effect it may have on a young person, when they know that someone is praying for him or her, every day. WakeUp Deborah is a worldwide movement of prayer aimed at encouraging as many parents, grandparents, youth workers, church members, teachers and counselors as possible, to pray for children and teenagers. Are you waking up? Join us and go to GET STARTED >

Faith, Prayer & Teenagers: A free e-book

Do you need encouragement, answers, or practical advice to start or continue prayer? Get the e-book for free of Faith, prayer & teenagers. This is a practical guide on praying for teenagers, and a tool for your prayer ministry. It also offers you the opportunity to link up intercessors with young people. Included are 31 creative ways to pray. Available in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian. Go to CONTACT > and send us an email to request your copy of the book.