Get started

Starting a group

To start a prayer group for young ones is quite different from organizing a youth event. This prayer ministry needs time to show and convince the need for it. It is the result of a longing for God’s love in the lives of young ones.

Do you want to start?

  • Pray and ask God for people around you who want to join you, so that your initiative grows. We can plant, but it is God who makes the work grow. You can start a prayer group in your church or with several churches in your city. You can also start a prayer group around a school, a sports field, a juvenile prison or another place where young people come together.
  • Each group of Deborah’s and Daniels will be leaded and coordinated by a prayer coordinator or a prayer couple.
  • Contact the international coordinator for information about your ideas and wishes, advice and support; Saskia van Helden –

Guidelines and rules

Since we have contact with children and young people, it is important that we ensure that rules and guidelines are followed. Make sure that the rules within your team or church are complied with.

The following are some basic WakeUp Deborah rules:

  • The personal relation between a young one and an intercessor can grow into a long-term relationship. WakeUp Deborah therefore aims to connect girls to women (Deborah’s) and boys to men (Daniels).
  • The duty of confidentiality applies to all prayer matters that are shared within the group. Never talk about what any child or youth has told you in confidence.
  • An intercessor is not a theologian, psychologist or doctor. If a serious or complicated situation arises around the prayer child, talk to your pastor or the person your pastor has appointed.


  • Right time and place: Find a time and place where no one can disturb you during your prayer time. There you can focus on God and on the young one(s) you are praying for. You can pray for 15 minutes or spread the prayer during the day. You can pray at home, in your car, on your bike, when you are out and about, alone or with others. If it is difficult for you to pray on your own, please pray with others. Meet each other in small groups, after the Sunday service or at home.
  • Prayer box: Use a prayer box at regular youth meetings, where they can write out a prayer topic, with their name on it. After the meeting, you can divide the prayer notes between the intercessors.
  • Notebook: A notebook or a diary is very useful for your daily prayer. By writing down every day what you have prayed for and what your experiences are, you will gradually see a pattern emerging in your prayers and how God is answering.
  • Whatsapp: To facilitate communication between intercessor and child, we recommend using social media. What’s app is a commonly used app among young people. Make it easy for them to communicate their prayer topics with the prayer coordinator or with their personal Deborah or Daniel. The easier and faster it is, the more likely they are to write what they want to pray for.