WakeUp Deborah is active in several countries in the world. Since the foundation in 1995 in Latin America, within YFC Brazil, the ministry grew to more than a 100.000 Deborah’s with Helida Paixão as the national coordinator. But the movement went across the borders. Brazilian women took their experiences with this prayer ministry to other countries. In 2009, on a Latin American Regional Conference of Youth for Christ in Buenos Aires, two women from abroad, Silvia and Saskia were touched by this ministry. They started WakeUp Deborah in their own countries and continents. 
Worldwide, there are three coordinators.
Helida Paixão, international coordinator, living in Brazil.
Silvia Brynjolfson, coordinator for the Americas, living in Canada.
Saskia van Helden, coordinator for Europe, Middle East and North Africa, living in The Netherlands.
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The Netherlands:
Differences in prayer cultures
We recognize the differences in culture and context between prayer countries. We want to support the prayer ministry respecting those differences. In Europe, for example WakeUp Deborah is also a ministry for men, who wants to pray for boys. Deborah is the name we use for women prayer partners, and Daniel for men.
Join up
Deborah’s and Daniels join WakeUp Deborah and become part of the global mosaic of intercessors. To connect prayer groups and to mobilise each other in case of an emergency or overwhelming issue, we recommend Deborah’s and Daniels to sign up on their national website or by e-mail to