Who we are



About us
The motto of WakeUp Deborah is, 'Parents on their knees, children on their feet'.  
WakeUp Deborah is a worldwide movement of people who are praying for God's love in the lives of young people. We encourage parents and adults to pray for a specific child or teenager out of love and compassion: a child in the family, neighbourhood, school or Church. God is available every moment of the day for a talk about your young person. In the simplicity of daily prayer, huge strength is hidden. Deborah is the name we use for women prayer partners, and Daniel for men.
WakeUp Deborah also brings intercessors into contact with one other; to pray together and to encourage one another to persevere in prayer. The meetings confirm the trust in God, with stories about His guidance in the lives of the young people. WakeUp Deborah supports groups with (free) training and materials, such as the book Faith, prayer & teenagers.
What we do
We can support your prayer ministry with Biblical studies, presentations, workshops and a digital network. 
Every week, you will find a new prayer, based on a text from the Scripture.
You can submit topics to WakeUp Deborah for a Prayer Alert. These are prayer topics that relate to a number of children and that require the prayer of all the Deborah’s and Daniels; locally, nationally or internationally. Prayer Alerts are sent to everyone and are put on the website. 
Your experiences may encourage others. So send your stories to wakeupdeborah@yfc.nl for the circular ShaRe Deborah containing testimonies and creative ideas.  
We can connect your prayer work to the work of WakeUp Deborah worldwide and with the programmes of Youth for Christ in your country.