What to pray for

What to pray for

How can you persist in praying 15 minutes daily? Maybe you are wondering how you can fill that time, besides the Scriptures don’t tell us to pray for 15 minutes. We chose 15 minutes just because we know from experience that you really have to invest time and attention in your relationship with God and the child. You can pray for many things, prayer is intended for all aspects of the lives of children and moves with their development
  • Prayer can focus on protection and encouragement for daily things in the life of a child.
  • Prayer can focus on healing, recovery and reconciliation when children are the victim of (sexual) abuse or violence.
  • Prayer gets a spiritual dimension when we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their lives, for reforming and spiritual growth.
  • Prayer can be reading aloud from the Scripture, of verses from the Bible for our children. This is a very powerful and mighty way of praying, especially when we fail in our own words. Then we can call on the promises of the Bible spoken by God himself. 
As soon as a child or teenager knows their Deborah, they can liaise with the Deborah and suggest subjects for prayer. When the first shyness has gone and the child or teenager appreciates the prayer a spiritual bond will grow between the Deborah and the child.


Your prayer can transcend the individual child and focus on:
  • The love of God for healing young lives inside and outside the church.
  • A missionary consciousness in young people, so they will show the Love of God to their friends.
  • The local work of churches and Youth for Christ.

The place to be for children

Prayer can focus on places where children and teenagers spend most of their time:
  • Families, pray for support for (spiritual) upbringing and development.
  • Schools, pray for a powerful revival in schools and respect for biblical values.
  • Vocational education, internships and universities.
  • Sports clubs, festivals, cinemas, youth camps.
  • Churches, that every child should have a Deborah who will daily pray for them.
  • Neighborhoods, pray for children nobody is praying for, the prayer orphans.
  • Correctional institutions and juvenile detention center, pray for protection and against loneliness.