Start in your country


The purpose of starting WakeUp Deborah in your country is to encourage and inspire as many women and men as possible to pray for (their) children and to be part of the global mosaic of intercessors. If it is your desire to start this prayer movement
  • Pray that God touches the hearts of women and men to become intercessor for children and teenagers. We can plant, but God gives the growth.
  • Get in touch with WakeUp Deborah Europe. Send an email to 
  • You will receive information about how to start WakeUp Deborah in your country.
  • If possible, get in touch with your national Youth for Christ office.
  • Discuss how to introduce the mission and vision of WakeUp Deborah in your country; in churches, at schools and in neighborhoods.
  • Select a national coordinator who can connect the movement to WakeUp Deborah in Europe and if possible, to your national Youth for Christ office. The national coordinator is responsible for the most important decisions of WakeUp Deborah in the country. 
  • Start with a group of Deborah’s straight away.