Praying is the intimate contact with God, whereby you can listen to Him, can talk to Him and may experience His presence.
Jesus has taught us how to pray. In the High Priestly Prayer, Jesus prays for the people entrusted to him. In the Bible in John 17 we read how He pleads for them to the Father and asks for the truly essential things: “Keep them in Thy name; protect them against the devil and sanctify them by Your truth”.  So we are allowed and we are obliged to pray for the young people, who are entrusted to us by God in our family, our church, our neighborhood and in youth activities.


Hearing of prayer

When you pray every day for your child or teenager, you can trust that God will listen to you and that He will give an answer or a way in response to your prayers. Thank Him for what He is doing in the lives of your children, for who they are, how they manage in life and how valuable they are towards their friends.
God hears your sorrows and questions and He knows what kind of answer is appropriate. He knows every child best, for He is their Creator. He has examined them, which means that He knows the reasons behind their behavior and their feelings. He knows better what they need, although it can take time and patience and perseverance to pray.
Children and teenagers are sometimes acquainted their Deborah, for example in their church or at school. They can keep in touch with their Deborah and suggest subjects for prayer which are important to them. This kind of contact brings about a spiritual bond between the different generations.
When you pray daily you might see the impact in the following
  • You will get to know your child more and more, you will discover what is occupying them and why they are reluctant, because you pray for insight into their behavior and ask for wisdom and guidance.
  • The self esteem of a child grows, when they discover that you are praying for them every day.
  • Your love and patience will grow, because prayer gives you the eyes and ears of Jesus.
  • You will feel comfortable by bringing your worries to God and letting Him have the final responsibility.
  • You will recognize the hearing of your prayers and Gods way in the life of your child
  • Your faith will grow stronger and stronger, just by walking daily with God.