Our Name

The name WakeUp Deborah comes from the Bible book Judges, chapter 5. If anyone showed bravery, in the sense of spiritual courage, it was Deborah. She acted as judge and prophetess in Israel in a time of spiritual and moral decay. When King Jabin of Canaan invaded and oppressed the country, the people of Israel cried to God for help. God offered help by sending the Israelite Barak to Deborah, with the command to fight King Jabin and his army commander Sisera. Barak accepted this assignment on the condition that Deborah would go with him. 

No doubt

Deborah’s challenges were spiritual, political and social. Unlike Barak, she never doubted the power of God and went into battle. We can read this in the Bible, in Judges 5:12 the song of Deborah: “Awake, awake, Deborah; Awake, awake, break out in a song”. 
Deborah showed leadership and her action is typified in verse 7 as follows: “The villagers ceased in Israel; they ceased to be until I Deborah arose, that I arose as a mother in Israel.” This is what Deborah’s stands for.

Mentally alert and full of confidence

Deborah is the profile of praying parents: mentally alert, angered by the marginal role of God in our society and fighting for those they want to protect. The last verse of the song that she sings at the victory is the intercession of WakeUp Deborah: “So may all your enemies perish, O Lord! But your friends be like the sun as He rises in his might”.