Mission and Vision


WakeUp Deborah wants to inspire men and women from different backgrounds to pray for (their) children and encourage one another in small groups and to become part of the global mosaic of intercessors. WakeUp Deborah is a movement of volunteers. Each Deborah is a volunteer who is registered and can count on the support of WakeUp Deborah to persevere and grow in prayer. 


WakeUp Deborah is a worldwide movement for prayer aiming to inspire as many women and men as possible to pray for their children. WakeUp Deborah believes that God’s love will change their lives through the power of daily prayer. Therefore it supports the mission of Youth for Christ to acquaint young people with the person of Jesus Christ and to help them with His intentions in their life.
Youth for Christ encourages a central place for praying. The core values of Youth for Christ can also be seen in WakeUp Deborah. The Deborah’s of today advocate the centrality of God in the lives of the new generation. Even now spiritual courage is needed to call people to prayer. WakeUp Deborah,  like Youth for Christ, is driven by the love of God and the work of His Son and believes that young people’s lives will be changed by His power if only we pray for it. It brings Christians from different cultures and backgrounds together and it is an anchor for people who do not attend church (anymore) but would like to pray.
The motto of WakeUp Deborah is: “Parents on their knees, children on their feet.”