How to pray

You can pray in several ways, for example: worship, thanksgiving, praise, confession of guilt, intercession. Praying also means the exhibition of emotions of dependence, frustration, anger and sadness.
You can pray existing prayers or pray in your own words. This makes no difference to God. He is looking for a real and authentic relationship. The Holy Spirit helps us in our prayers. So if we cannot find the appropriate words or are unable to pray He knows exact what we should pray for.
You can also use the Scripture as a book of prayers. It’s amazing how appropriate the Bible is as a guide in raising children. The Scripture is filled with beautiful characteristics you can pray for like honesty, faithfulness, goodness. You can also pray for protection against bad behavior like brutality, lying or bullying. The Bible has many promises for healing and spiritual recovery.
If it is hard for you to pray daily, you can call on The Holy Spirit for perseverance, because He promised to do so.

Jesus teaches us how to pray.

In The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:5-13, Jesus teaches what we should pray. When you pray put God on the first place and worship Him by naming His Magnificence, His Power and His Love for us. Confess your trespasses to Him like any time you put yourself at the first place in your relationship, your family, your work or your thoughts. Thank God for His presence in the lives of your children; for their characters, health, humor, good sense. Give thanks for whom they are in your life and for the opportunity to help them grow and make them responsible. They are the next generation, worth investing in.

Revelation of God

Prayer not only impacts our life, but is also important to God. He gives us a glimpse of His future in Revelation where He assigns the scroll of the history of the world to Jesus, the Lamb. Only Jesus has the authority and is worthy to break the seals of our history because He has conquered sin and death. In Revelation 5: 5-7, we read that the prayers of the Saints, the believers, ascend after Jesus had taken the scroll. Prayer becomes a mighty weapon in showing God’s Love in the lives of our children, a great support in raising them and a precursor of the way God builds His Kingdom. 

Practical tips

Take time for yourself in a place where nobody can disturb your prayer, so that you can focus on God and on the children you are praying for. Some Deborah’s Him are already used to praying daily, some just start when they become a Deborah. We all pray, knowing that God will pour out His love and power in the lives of our children as He has promised.
You can pray 15 minutes at a time, or spread the praying time during the day. You can pray at home, in your car, on your bike, walking, just by yourself or together with others. 
Pray together if it’s hard for you to pray on your own. Look for other women or men and meet each other frequently in small groups, before or after the Sunday service or during the week at home. Ask friends in your church to join you in prayer for (your) children.

A notebook

A notebook is very useful and surprising. Take the page and draw two vertical lines to make three columns.
In the first column you write the date, in the second the name of the child en the topic you are praying for, in the third column you write the answer you got, the hearing of your prayer. Maybe there is a song or Bible verse you would like to add.