At the Global Conference of World Evangelism (GCOWE) in 1995 in Seoul Korea, God touched the hearts of a Brazilian pastor, Jeremias Pereira da Silva and Marcelo Gualberto, director of Youth for Christ Brazil. One of the highlights of this congress was the benediction of 100,000 young people, from all denominations within the Korean church, who wanted to spread the gospel. During the benediction they thanked God for the prayers of the mothers of these young people who had prayed for their children to become a disciple of Jesus. Back in Brazil Jeremias and Marcello took up the challenge to support mothers and fathers to pray intensely for 15 minutes every day for a powerful missionary awakening of children and teenagers in their country. Now, there are more than 100.000 Deborah’s in Brazil. Helida Paixão, living in Brazil, is international coordinator WakeUp Deborah. <>

To Europe

In November 2009 Saskia van Helden attended a Youth for Christ Conference in Argentina together with her husband Maarten who is member of the international board of Youth for Christ. There she met Helida Paixão, international coordinator WakeUp Deborah. She was touched by the power but also by the simplicity and the magnitude of the work of the Deborah’s. She realized that her own country and continent really needed the prayers for the next generation. God called her to start WakeUp Deborah in the Netherlands and afterwards in Europe. The office is located in Zwolle in the Netherlands.