Faith, prayer & teenagers is a practical guide to pray for teenagers. Puberty is an important time in the development (in faith) of teenagers. This is why they need our daily prayers. But how do you keep going? What can you ask and expect of God? In this book, people who are close to teenagers speak about their experiences: from youth workers to mothers, from prayer partners to teachers. 

Subjects raised in this book:
Why is it important to pray daily for your teenager?
How do you find a ways of praying that will keep you going?
How can you ask your teenager for prayer topics?
How do you teach teenagers to understand God's voice?
What do you do if heaven remains silent?
We have included in this book 31 creative ways to pray: one for every day of the month.

This book is also a tool for your prayer ministry. It offers you an opportunity to link up intercessors with young people. You can use this book to start prayer groups around youth places and youth activities. In that case, we recommend you to appoint a coordinator who supports the intercessors and brings them together; one who also maintains contact with WakeUp Deborah. Make your plan with your coordinator and discuss it with WakeUp Deborah
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