17-2: presentation Area Leadership Team, Youth for Christ EMENA
16-6: presentation World Leadership Team, Youth for Christ international

Friday 19th September – Friday 26th September, 2014.
Workshop and Affinity Lunch at the General Assembly of Youth for Christ international.  Bangkok, Thailand
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3 augustus: demonstration in The Netherlands, Enschede against ISIS 

In June 2013, coordinator WakeUp Deborah joined the Area Council EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) of Youth for Christ in Czech Republic. She was invited as a keynote speaker to tell about the prayer movement of WakeUp Deborah and the blessings of praying Deborah’s for the work of Youth for Christ.
About 30 countries were represented by their directors, board members or senior staff. In her workshop, Saskia emphasized the power and the promises of prayer and the way God is showing His presence in the lives of young people. She presented the way countries could start with a Deborah network in churches or schools and handed over several materials of WakeUp Deborah, like flyers, prayer math’s and buttons. 
Please pray for the countries which were in the Czech Republic, that they might find a way to start this praying movement for the young people in their countries.

Group picture Area Council EMENA  

WakeUp Deborah materials

Geordon Rendle, coming world director Youth for Christ

Saskia van Helden at the workshop WakeUp Deborah

World map of WakeUp Deborah countries